Award-winning South Australian photographers Mark Kimber and Peter Fisher will stage a one-day ‘art and commerce’ Masterclass at the Art Gallery of South Australia on Sunday 27 November, 2011.

The Kimber Fisher partnership is an exciting and timely initiative providing emerging professional photographers with a powerful opportunity to discover, first-hand, what they can achieve in the field of photography.

Delving into the “who, what, where and why” of fine art and commercial photography, the Masterclass will focus on key areas including: how to succeed in portraiture photography; how to generate stock sales; how to prepare a body of work and successfully market it to art galleries; and how to create award-winning commercial and portrait photographs.

The Adelaide-based photographers bring to the Masterclass a wealth of experience with careers collectively spanning over 60 years in commerce and fine art.

Kimber is Head of Photography and New Media at the School of Art, Architecture and Design, University of South Australia, and one of Australia’s most respected photo-based artists. He was recently named as the 2012 recipient of the South Australian Living Artist Festival monograph.

Fisher is an award-winning portrait photographer; his work has featured in notable national publications including Newsweek, Australian Traveller, Reader’s Digest, BRW, Woman’s Weekly, Cleo, and The Australian Magazine.

The Masterclass will cover the technical nuances that are the cornerstone of excellence with a strong focus on commercial practice and fine art understanding. Kimber and Fisher will cover a diverse range of topics including landscape portraiture, documentary, advertising, corporate branding and exhibition implementation.

“Peter and I have worked independently as professional photographers since the early eighties. Peter has generated sales of over $1million for his stock photography and I have held more than 60 solo exhibitions and 85 group exhibitions in Australia and internationally over the past 20 years. We are delighted to form this partnership to present the ‘art and commerce’ Masterclass which we believe will enable us to share this expertise among a broader range of people who want to improve their photography skills,” Kimber said.

“This Masterclass has been designed specifically to help photographers progress further in their chosen field, whether it’s art or commercial photography.  I’m confident it will be an extremely valuable experience for those participating,” Fisher added.

Early booking is recommended.